DEPRESSION SPIRITUAL HELP_______________________________  

Depression visits upon many of us, and in the ancient Greek diagnosis it was a considered a visitation of melancholy and disabling mental lassitude. It was a visitation of disinterest, a haunting of sadness. It was something not of us, for as humans we are normally positive and engaged individuals. Depression was a kind of negative muse that muffled us from inside ourselves, but was not of us. Today, we know depression can arise from lesser levels of certain brain chemicals, which shows that depression is not of us, for if we all had normal brain chemistries, we'd not suffer depression. We also know that depression settles upon us when situations overwhelm our normal perceptions and positive needs—a job completely unsuited to us, or not having a job. Spiritual help for depression is a valuable service that I offer. Psychic treatment for depression is another aspect to my services.

So, many of us are struck hard or mildly at some or many times in our lives with this disconnecting sadness. I've known many religious people, many spiritual individuals who are deep in their practice and deeply giving, who are routinely and quietly victimized by depression. I've know depression in my life. I've known first hand how crippling it can be, and what it takes to struggle up to the surface of good and engaged living from the drowning depths of depression.

Holistic treatment for depression is inclusive of diet, exercise, spiritual practices and affirmations. Please contact me to start a conversation on this. Manage depression through spiritual help by using meditation, affirmations, lifestyle changes.

Depression spiritual help is a guidance I give to those who are struggling with depression and would like to approach a remedy for it through spiritual insight and practices. In my struggles with defeating depression I've learned to summon spiritual devotion, ceremonies, metaphysical reading, subconsciously programmed sleep, sacred word recitation and elevating meditation as powerful tools. Approaching depression with spiritual practices and knowledge combines the knowledge that depression can be dissolved through changing brain chemistries (which spiritual practice and insight does) and that the power of spirit is our innate selves, is truly the core identity of us, whereas depression is a condition external to us—a visiting. Depression spiritual help uses spiritual force and perceptions to naturally lift away the visiting of depression.

I offer my depression spiritual counseling through phone calls, instant messaging and email. Please contact me soon if you feel I may be of some help to you. God bless you.



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